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Smooth Muscle is a collective of female identifying artists and makers who are coming together to build a vibrant community in the arts. Based in the Fruit Exchange Studio Collective in Ridgewood, Queens - Smooth muscle draws from a diverse group of femme voices in the region, but also makes a concerted effort to include people all over the country in projects, events, and forum building. 

Smooth Muscle is pleased to present their debut project, Smooth Muscle, in conjunction with the White Haus project space. Smooth Muscle is a celebration of the strength of vulnerability. The artwork in this show explores the visceral magic of being a person in the current backdrop of binary tensions within the feminine experience. Women inhabit a complicated and often contradictory role in our society - expected to exude tenderness and delicacy, while also being pillars of strength in communities and families. Smooth Muscle explores those dualities through artwork that comments on the personal experiences of an intrepid group of woman. Ritual, pleasure, friendship, play, nature, scholarship, history, and experimentation are all significant themes represented in this exhibition; which develop dynamic orientations to domestic, political, and physical orbits of the female experience. Smooth Muscle approaches curating as an extension of social connection; an assemblage that celebrates the power of diverse aesthetic voices, rather the illusion of a homogeneous chorus. We seek to weave together a community that crosses experiential and geographic borders.


Artists include: Olympia Altimir, Kaja Cxzy Andersen, Betty Bailey, Brandy Bajalia, Sarah Dineen, Sharona Eliassaf, Fiorella Gonzales, Sarah Grass, Kyla Hansen, Caiti Hawkins, Sarah Johansen, Ragnheidur Karadottir, Mia Loeb, Victoria Manganiello, Jennifer McDermott, Julia McGinnley, Andrea McGinty, Molly Nadav, Marilyn Narota, Nadia Haji Omar, Summer Orr, Dominique Palladino, Sophie Parker, Omar Alan Pierce, Shay Rainy, Ellen Robin, Austin Soldner, Sadie Starnes, Sarah Stracke, KC Tidemand, Ashley Westwood


Opening night performance by: Queen Yoni and friends


Vibes provided by DJ Solcycle


Curated by Dominique Palladino, Sophie Parker and KC Tidemand